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From Sea to Shining Sea is a live organ performance with multi-media. Performed by organist Dr. Jeannine Jordan and David Jordan, media artist, it is the story of the organ in the colonies and United States.  Dr. Jordan weaves the story by telling fascinating anecdotes and performing the unique organ music of America.

David Jordan’s media talents bring the story to life. Stunning visuals of American history events are interspersed with a live video feed of Dr. Jordan’s performance.  Projected to a cinematic-sized screen, every audience member has a front-row seat to this live audience-engaging concert experience.

Of our Pro-Motion Music organ concerts, From Sea to Shining Sea is our longest running live multi-media organ concert. This concert premiered in 2008 at the Regional AGO convention in Portland, Oregon.  It has been performed many times for audiences ranging in size from 100 to 2000, literally from Sea to Shining Sea.

From Sea to shining sea

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