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"We had students, lay people and organists at Bach and Sons today and the reaction and response was overwhelmingly positive.  We need more of this kind of this kind of program for our society to hear."  Martin Gigler, Sub-Dean Fort Wayne AGO

Bach and Sons is a live organ performance with multi-media. It is performed by Dr. Jeannine Jordan, organist and David Jordan, media artist.  It is the story of Johann Sebastian Bach and his family.  It is told from the perspective of four women important in Bach’s life.  Dr. Jeannine Jordan performs the organ music of Bach and his sons, Wilhelm Friedemann and Carl Philipp Emanuel.

David Jordan's media talents bring the story to life visually.  Live projection on a cinematic-sized screen from five different cameras show Dr. Jordan's playing.  This live projection is interspersed with video and images.  These images take the viewer to Bach's Germany.

"Thank you again for a beautiful concert on Sunday. This kind of  presentation is melded perfectly into the mission of the Evensong Concert Series.  Your idea of bring Bach's music to so many people in an informative and  accessible way is fantastic. It was just what I was hoping for and I know many people came away inspired and renewed. Congratulations."
Dr. Paul Klemme

"I was transported to Bach's world!  Getting to watch the performer helped me listen in a new way." 

David Hupp, piano professor Manchester University

"One might think of Bach's music as being just fugues and toccatas but it also consists of beautiful listenable melodies and harmonies that Jeannine plays with feeling and pleasing tonal selections.  The narrations and music explore the Bach family story and we hear the music and discover the inventor and perfecter of music of the western world through Bach and Sons."  .....Bill Gregory, organist, Gleneden Beach, Oregon

Bach and Sons

Bach and and Sons has been embraced by people around the world. Audiences from the United States, Austria, and Bach's Wedding Church in Dornheim, Germany have been astounded by the impact of this concert. 

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