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We just had our northwest introduction Around the World in 80 Minutes. The official world premiere is in Wooster, OH as part of the Music on Market 5th Anniversary series on April 26th at 7:00 PM. For those of you in the Ohio-Indiana-Michigan area, the doors open at 6:15. We had a completely full house at the introduction so are planning for another wonderful audience in Wooster.


What makes Around the World in 80 Minutes so attractive? Our slogan is : "Hear & See the Inspired Sounds of the Globe"


I can’t promise you’ll lose weight, but there are many other personal benefits you’ll enjoy.


Around the World in 80 Minutes -- a fast-moving concert that features unique global organ repertoire by native composers, and is as exciting as it sounds. style="width: 177px; height: 89px;" width="177" />It is a great journey around the world that transcends the boundaries of countries, religions, nationalities, time periods and styles, bringing people together through music, visuals and the grandeur of the organ.  The concert celebrates the fascinating diversity of the music of the world.



Performed with Jeannine’s brilliant playing and accompanied by creative registrations, sounds  from the organ you may not have previously experienced are unveiled.



Visually, there are animations of animals, dancers, music, vids of Jeannine in a fly-suit?, travel, the interior of a cathedral,  world recognized landmarks, live cameras on Jeannine’s hands (left and right), feet (left and right), and as narrator.



Since Jeannine visited all of the six continents and most of the countries represented, she shares great anecdotes about her travels.




From a travel stand-point you’ll cross over some of the highest mountains, and driest deserts. You'll visit sheep in New Zealand, parrots in the Brazilian rain forest and 4th of July celebration in the USA.



I can’t seem to function without humor, so there is a good sprinkling of that too. Who’s in the Queen's carriage?


80 Minutes


Yes, This all happens in 80 minutes. As we quote one Southwest flight attendant: ‘Fasten your seats belts because we are going to go REALLY fast.”


See you there

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Our newest concert is Around the World in 80 Minutes.  Created and performed by organist and narrator, Dr. Jeannine Jordan and David Jordan, media artist, it is a fast-moving live organ and multi-media experience.  The concert features unique global organ repertoire by native composers performed by Dr. Jordan.  Lively anecdotes take you to remote places around the world.  Enriching and engaging multi-media including live camera projection and spectacular visuals created by David Jordan complete the experience.  Around the World in 80 Minutes is as exciting as it sounds.

Around the world in 80 MInutes

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