Jeannine is a champion of the organ and its music.  She has traveled throughout the US and the world promoting and sharing organ music through her innovative concerts.  As a professional organist she enjoys a varied career.  Besides concertizing and recording, Jeannine has held university teaching positions and has served in a variety of positions in church music ministry. 
She is also the President and founder of Pro-Motion Music — a company celebrating the world of the organ.  Dr. Jordan was awarded the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Organ Performance and Music History from the University of Oregon where early American organists was the subject of her dissertation.  This study led to further research and collaboration with media artist, David Jordan to create From Sea to Shining Sea.

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David Jordan, a skilled pianist with a Master of Music degree in composition from Ball State University, is also a media artist.  Whether creating the visual portions of the Pro-Motion Music concert multi-media events,  re-imagining photographs, his work inspires and mesmerizes its viewers.

His work guides you through the programs with images, videos and live cameras following Jeannine and her incredible expertise on the organ. He helps the audience experience the story in the moment; hearing the music, seeing the images, and simultaneously feeling the pulse of the space in which the image existed. His multi-media approach is simply an extension of what he likes to experience every day of his life; an awareness of everything going on around him in the moment. 

Dr. Jeannine Jordan

The Jordans are the creators and performers of the live organ and multi-media concert events Bach and Sons, celebrating the life and times of Johann Sebastian Bach and his family, From Sea to Shining Sea, the story of the organ and its music in the colonies and new United States, and Around the World in 80 Minutes featuring global repertoire by native composers

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